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Men become Masons for reasons that are as varied as the individuals that comprise our Order. For some, they follow in the footsteps of their father, their grandfather, their uncle, etc. because it’s a family tradition. For others, they want to improve the community in which they live by helping those in need. We would like to feature the personal stories of some of our Masons about why they are a part of the World’s Oldest Fraternity. These testimonials will be added to periodically and perhaps one will strike a chord with you and help you begin your own story about why you became a Mason!


Why I Am A Mason - Testimonial

Curiosity & Something Bigger

Victor J. Vega

As a young man I met a few people who Brothers. Not fully aware of what their symbols meant or why it was important to them I began to ask questions. As more light was shed on what they were about; seeing them interact with the local community, the brotherhood they displayed, and the fact that they strived to make one another better, inspired me to begin the journey of becoming a Mason. Over time what I have understood is that Masonry teaches each person, through self-improvement and helping others, that we all have an obligation to make a difference for good in the world.

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